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3D Printer Anycubic Photon DLP

The Anycubic Photon DLP is a 3D printer equipped with an easy to use 2.8 inch color touch screen. It works with resin. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. During this process an UV light source is used to harden liquid resin (polymerize). Realize fine structures now. 
Volumetric weight: 9.5kgs
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Company: Anycubic
Part Number: Photon
Made in: China
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Anycubic Photon – High resolution DLP Resin 3D printer

3D print with great details and high resolution using the Anycubic Photon DLP 3D printer. The manufacturing results are like those of SLA 3D printers. Often SLA systems cost a multiple. Furthermore, the Anycubic Photon DLP is a resin 3D printer equipped with an easy to use 2.8 inch color touch screen. DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. During this process an UV light source is used to harden liquid resin (polymerize).

Most important product characteristics:

  • DLP 3D printer
  • Realize fine details
  • Uses UV light source to polymerize liquid resin
  • Integrated slicing software
  • High resolution 47µm
  • Large print size of 115 x 65 x 400 mm
  • Touch-Screen
  • Easy-leveling
  • Air filtration for a safe use

This 3D printer offers stable offline 3D printing. By using the extraordinary in-built slicer, you will be able to get the slicing job done under a few minutes. The 2K LCD Masking screen enables you to realize excellent details. The structure of this 3D printer is very solid and creative. Its air filtration system offers a healthy atmosphere and filtrates unpleasant smell.


3D Printer Category:
  • Home
Printing Technology:
DLP (Digital Light Processing)
Layer Resolution:
Max. Print Speed:
Heated Bed Type:
Build Volume X:
Build Volume Y:
Build Volume Z:
Power Supply:
Supported Materials:
  • Resin
File Format:
  • G-Code
  • STL
Working Mode :
  • Offline (SD Card)
  • Online (USB)
WiFi Connectivity:


  • Screen: 2.8-inch touch screen
  • Slicer software: ANYCUBIC Photon Slicer
  • Technique LCD: Shadow Masking
  • Light-source: UV integrated light(wavelength 405nm)
  • XY DPI: 47um (2560*1440)
  • Y axis resolution: 1.25um
  • Rated Power: 40W​
  • Printing material: 405nm photosensitive resin
  • Dimensions: 220x200x400mm
  • Net weight: ~6.6kg​
  • Contents:
    • Anycubic Photon DLP printer
    • Resin 250ml bottle
    • USB Memory
    • Power Cord
    • Power Supply
    • Scraper
    • Tool kit
    • Rubber gloves
    • Mask
    • FEP Film

Everything you need to start printing is included!!!


  • Full color Intelligent touch screen for real-time previews of 3D printing status
  • Stable file transmission – Most DLP 3D printers use Raspberry Pi to implement offline 3D printing which is unstable most of the times. Instead the Photon system is designed to support offline plug-and-play 3D printing. USB manufacturing offers stable signal transmission.
  • Photon slicer brings extraordinary user experience. It is superior in terms of slicing speed and operational experience. Realize ultimate sliceing speed.
  • Innovative structure offers more easiness to leveling: Lower the platform down to the screen; Feel the resistance when pulling the paper in-between; Tighten one screw; Leveling done
  • UV-LED designed with uniformity and durability: 25W UV light source sits inside stainless-steel snoot. It is equipped with a 80*80 mm heat sink. Ready to offer you uniform UV light for long serving time.
  • 2K LCD Masking Screen 2560*1440(2K) HD masking LCD gives very you fine 3D printing details down to few micrometers. The masking filters the UV light. At places were UV light is filtered the resin doesn’t polymerize (harden).
  • Inner air-purification system with activated carbon to filtrate unpleasant smell and keep air clean.



ANYCUBIC Photon---Fully Integrated High Resolution Desktop Resin 3D Printer

We are proudly to announce that our new model ‘ANYCUBIC PHOTON’ will be soon available! We will start the mass production and take pre-orders in late September 2017. Here is a clip of the ANYCUBIC PHOTON. New features and more specs please check out the video. Hope your guys enjoy!