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3D Printer - Creality 3D CR-10 Max - 450x450x470mm

Creality CR-10 Max 450x450x470 mm is a very large 3D printer with large installation space, stable frame and high manufacturing precision. Experience 3D...
Gross Weight: 25kg
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Company: Creality 3D
Part Number: CR-10S Max
Made in: China
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Creality CR-10 Max 450x450x470 mm is a very large 3D printer with large installation space, stable frame and high manufacturing precision. Experience 3D printing of large models, prototypes and finished parts. You can choose between a high production speed and convincing precision.

The CR-10 Max is the fifth CR-10 style printer from Creality, and very much looks like it builds upon the design language established with the CR-10S Pro, red and black color scheme, enclosed control box with power supply and simplified, touchscreen-driven UI.

Golden Triangle

The ‘Golden Triangle’ here refers to the Z-axis brace connecting the top of the frame to the base. The goal of this was to do away with Z-wobble in prints, providing silky smooth finish up into the rafters.

Automatic Leveling

As with the CR-10S Pro before it, it would appear that the CR-10 Max features some kind of inductive probe on the print head. A matrix leveling routine will use this to measure a series of points across the bed, resulting in zonal compensation.

The CR-10 Max also includes Creality’s oversized manual bed-leveling knobs, so manual leveling is also an option.

Different Nozzle Types

The Creality CR-10 Max features two different nozzles: The expected 0.4mm, plus an 0.8mm nozzle for faster prints. And whoa does it speed prints up! The larger nozzle is a gamechanger, especially when printing the larger sized models this printer is designed for.

Double Belts

Hauling a 450 x 450 mm print bed requires a sturdy assembly to shift all that weight. It stands to reason that Creality double up on the belts pulling the bed.

Rapid Heating Bed

One interesting new direction for Creality here is the inclusion of a split-flow power supply for its large print bed. Pushing 24V to the bed independently from the motherboard, the company claims such an arrangement reduces electromagnetic interference. The primary benefit of this setup is the large bed heats up quickly.

Capricorn Bowden Tube

Distinctive for its deep blue hue, Capricorn tubing provides high lubricity and temperature resistance to a Bowden style extrusion setup.

Print Recovery Modes

With an expanded build volume, big prints are inevitable on the CR-10 Max, and so a suite of print recovery features are very much welcome. The CR-10 Max have filament sensor and power loss recovery mode.

Dual Rod-Driven Z

There’s some logic in thinking that driving the X-carriage through the Z-axis from both ends would result in more stability and, therefore, better prints.

Touch Screen

As has been in place on CR-series printers since the CR-X, the CR-10 Max features a color touchscreen UI.

Build Plate

This sprawling build plate is the filament whisperer. Once they latch on, they never let go. This makes it a little tough to pop prints off, but it’s more than worth it when you don’t have to worry about prints failing because they become unstuck. 

Integraded Control Board

Unlike its CR-10 predecessors, the Max’s control board is not a brick next to the printer where the filament spool is precariously perched. Instead, it’s integrated into the base of the machine where it adds weight and support and also keeps the space the printer takes up to a minimum.



  • Assembly is required.



Extruder Compatibility:
  • CR10S Pro
3D Printer Category:
  • Affordable
Printing Technology:
FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Filament Diameter:
Layer Resolution:
Extruder Quantity:
Nozzle Quantity:
Max Nozzle Temp.:
Heated Build Plate (Heated Bed):
Max Bed Temp.:
Heated Bed Type:
Build Volume X:
Build Volume Y:
Build Volume Z:
Power Supply:
Supported Materials :
  • ABS (small parts)
  • FLEX
  • PET
  • PLA
  • WOOD
File Format:
  • AMF
  • G-Code
  • OBJ
  • STL
Working Mode :
  • Offline (SD Card/USB Stick)
  • Online (USB)
WiFi Connectivity:


  • Print Specifications
    • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm can be in 0.8mm
  • Software
    • Slicer: Cura (Works with Simplify3D not included)
    • Operating System: Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Mechanical
    • Extruder Style: Bondtech-Certified Dual Drive Bowden Extruder 
    • Chassis: Imported V-Slot Aluminum Bearings
  • Electrical
    • Input: AC 100-265V 50-60Hz
    • Output Motherboard: 24V 3.1A 75W
    • Output Bed Power Supply: 24V 31A 750W
    • Plug: EU Power Plug
  • Dimensions
    • 650x785x735mm
    • Weight: 20kg



  • Super large footprint of 450x450x470 mm gives you more freedom for large 3D prints
  • Stable frame is ensured by triangular construction – Less vibration & errors
  • Induction sensor for automatic leveling by precise measurement of nearby measuring points
  • 0.4 & 0.8 mm nozzles: 3D printing with high precision or fast speed
  • Fast heating of the building platform – Utilize the entire building area
  • 2 power supplies for Motherboard & Hot-Bed – More reliable continuous operation
  • Heat-resistant blue Teflon hose minimizes clogging of material guide hose
  • Continuous material feed with two material guide gears
  • Powerful Y-axis motor with two drive belts enables reliable drive
  • Sensor for exact filament status detection
  • Intelligent resume function in the event of power failures
  • Two Z-spindles for smooth & synchronous running & top 3D print results
  • Easy-to-use HD touch screen display
  • Ergonomic design – Simple and effortless leveling
  • Beautiful & functional design - Simple assembly and erection



How to Install a CR-10 Max?

We would like to demonstrate how to install a CR-10 Max.