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Curing Chamber UV LED Wanhao Boxman-1

by Wanhao
Automatically cure your SLA, DLP, or LCD 3D prints with Wanhao's Boxman-1 UV post-curing chamber. To obtain the final material properties with resin-based...
Gross Weight: 15kg
Company: Wanhao
Part Number: Boxman-1
Made in: China
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Automatically cure your SLA, DLP, or LCD 3D prints with Wanhao's Boxman-1 UV post-curing chamber. To obtain the final material properties with resin-based 3D printing, you must cure your 3D prints. Following the additive manufacturing process and washing off, the hardening process after the additive manufacturing process stimulates the free particles (radicals) to polymerize almost completely. Only then will you receive the final material properties of your resin.

Product properties:

  • UV post-curing chamber for DLP, SLA and Daylight 3D prints
  • 4 UV LED sources cure from each side
  • Large interior of: 32x20x20 (LxWxH in cm)
  • Give your components their final material properties
  • Works with resin for DLP, SLA and daylight 3D printers
  • Optimized for Wanhao UV resin

Automatically harden your SLA, DLP and LCD 3D prints with Wanhao Boxman-1

The new Wanhao B1 UV post-curing chamber is equipped with 4 UV LED light sources and mirrors. These are placed inside the box in such a way that your component(s) are perfectly illuminated from all sides. This ensures that your object cures evenly from all sides. By adding UV light, the free radicals in the resin polymerize almost completely and your part automatically receives the final material properties.




3D Printer Category:
  • Mini
  • Affordable
  • Home
  • Professional
Printing Technology:
DLP (Digital Light Processing)


  • Light source: 4 UV LED array module
  • Power(W): 120W
  • Voltage: 110V/ 220V switchable
  • Net Weight: 14.5KG
  • Wavelength: 405nm
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 433x30xcm
  • Curing Area(LxWxH): 32x20x20cm
  • Touch LCD screen(LxW): 57.6x43.2mm
  • Fan size (LxWxH): 85x85x10mm
  • Certification: CE,FCC
  • Usage Curing print model
  • Perspective screen (LxW): 15x6cm
  • UV Led warranty:
    • 2000hours decay 30%
    • 5000hours decay 50%;
  • Typical application:
    • Hobbyist
    • Dental
    • Jewelry


Reworking resin with the following material properties:

  • Hard
  • Firm
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Castable
  • Dental
  • Biocompatible

Hardness of several components at once after

The very spacious interior (32x20x20cm) allows you to easily process several 3D prints at once. In addition, the box offers enough space to place an articulator (for dental and dental technology) inside. If necessary, the UV light source can be easily changed. The new Wanhao B1 UV-Curing Chamber is optimized for use with Wanhao UV-Resin. However, you can also cure resin from other manufacturers.

What do I have to do after 3D printing with resin and before curing?

First the material should be cleaned in an alcohol bath (Isopropanol / IPA). This will remove any resin left on the surface after 3D printing. Make sure that you get a good and clean surface. It is best to place your component in a bath of isopropanol alcohol for about 10 minutes. This will remove any excess material from the surface.

Why buy the Wanhao Boxman-1 UV post-curing chamber?

The UV light source emits stable, concentrated and coherent UV light waves for fast processing of 3D printed products with photopolymer resins. The post-curing process increases the hardness and longevity of your 3D prints.



Wanho Curing box / Box Man

Wanhao Box Man for resin printers, Resin curing box.