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Digital Multimeter UT139E - UNI-T

by UNI-T
UT139E is a new professional multimeter with true RMS specification and CAT III 600V protection designed for the needs of electricians. The device meets...
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Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Company: UNI-T
Made in: China
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UT139E is a new professional multimeter with true RMS specification and CAT III 600V protection designed for the needs of electricians. The device meets cETLus certification and includes a number of extra features such as low impedance voltage (LoZ), non-contact Voltage Measurement (NCV), capacitance measurement for capacitors, or temperature Measurement. The 31-segment analog line ensures a better display of the measured values ​​and improved visual representation. The display readings are dark on a light background, unlike the UT139S, where the readings are bright on a dark background, otherwise the two are exactly the same. The display range is ± 9,999 for capacitance and frequency measurements and ± 5,999 for other measurements. Refresh rate 2 to 3 times per second. The fuses are protected by tube fuses (range 10A fuse FF 10A H / 600V (6 x 25mm); range mA / µA fuse FF 600mA H / 600V (6 x 32mm)). The multimeter is powered by two AA 1.5V alkaline batteries. The measuring range can be selected automatically or manually. The package includes measuring cables with tips, a thermal probe with a K-cell, and a battery.

UT139E is an ideal choice if you want a professionally equipped multimeter with a number of extra features that is also accurate, safe, easy to read and use.


Meter Type:
  • Digital Multimeter
  • AC current
  • AC voltage
  • DC current
  • DC voltage
  • Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Frequency
  • Temperature
Measuring instrument features: :
  • HOLD function
  • Auto Power-OFF
  • Diode test
  • Low battery Indicator
  • REL function
  • auto and manual ranging
  • buzzer
  • non-contact voltage detector
  • overload protection
  • polarization indicator
Type of display used:
LCD (6000), with a backlit
DC voltage measuring range:
DC voltage measuring accuracy:
±(0,5% + 2 digits)
AC voltage measuring range:
AC voltage measuring accuracy:
±(0,8% + 3 digits)
True effective value measurement:
True RMS
Bandwidth for AC voltage measurements:
DC current measuring range:
DC current measuring accuracy:
±(0,7%+2 digits)
AC current measuring range:
AC current measuring accuracy:
±(1% + 3 digits)
Resistance measuring range:
Resistance measuring accuracy:
±(0,8% + 2 digits)
Capacitance measuring range:
Capacitance measuring accuracy:
±(4% + 5 digits)
Frequency measuring range:
Frequency measuring accuracy:
±(0,1% + 4 digits)
Temperature measuring range:
-40 - 1000 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy:
±(1% + 4 digits)
Diode test:
Continuity test:
Yes, Buzzer
Overall dimensions (W x D x H):
170 x 80 x 48mm
Weight with battery:
Power supply:
Battery AA x2
Standard equipment:
  • Test Leads
  • Temperature probe
  • User's manual


  • True RMS
  • NCV
  • Auto/manual ranges selectable
  • 31-segment analog bar graph
  • Diode, duty ratio and continuity buzzer
  • Black EBTN screen