DIY Speaker Kit

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MPN: TWSU 0102
Ένα διασκεδαστικό, πρακτικό κιτ για να δημιουργήσεις το δικό σου φορητό ηχείο και παράλληλα μάθε να κολλάς ηλεκτρονικά εξαρτήματα, αντιστάσεις, πυκνωτές.. Κατάλληλο για ηλικίες 10+
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Amplify your world by turning an object you love into a unique and portable speaker.

The Speaker Kit is a speaker kids build themselves to learn about electronics and sound. Two hours to make, tech skills for life.

In under 2 hours, you'll have a portable speaker you can connect to your phone or music player and transforms any surface, box or even your dog (we tried - it works!), into a sound machine

MAKE THE HEART OF YOUR SPEAKER - Make your amplifier by soldering diodes, resistors and capacitators.

EXPERIMENT WITH MATERIALS TO DISCOVER THE BEST SOUND - Plug your speaker into a smartphone or music player and start turning surfaces and boxes into custom speakers.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORLD! - Turn everyday objects into a speaker — be creative and listen to music on the go.

You'll also need some basic tools including a soldering iron and solder and a 9V battery

Check out the full build description and other resources here!

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TWSU 0102
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