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Magnetic Build Surface 220x220mm

by OEM
The product is divided into two sides of the A.B board. Separate bending to take the model. It is more convenient. No need use the beautiful paper...
Company: OEM
Part Number: HS1686-220
Made in: China
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  1. The product is divided into two sides of the A.B board.
  2. Separate bending to take the model. It is more convenient.
  3. No need use the beautiful paper and scrapers to assist remove the printed model from the platform.
  4. Can be installed on hot bed and glass platform.
  5. Printing does not warp. No glue is needed.
  6. Can be printed on a cold bed.
  7. The A plate is flexible and magnetic, easy to move away from the build platform, take away the print model
  8. Ours is PC material, short-term temperature resistance of 180 degrees, long-term 130 degrees. More than 130 degrees of magnetic properties will be weakened but will not lose magnetism, so can be applied to PLA/ABS and other filament.
  9. PC material is flame retardant and wear resistant. Oxidation resistance, low mold shrinkage, good dimensional stability
  10. A and B board is flat. It can better reduce printing errors and make the printed model more standard.

Product advantages:

The temperature of the magnetic sticker on the market cannot exceed 80 degrees. If it exceeds 80 degrees, it will lose its magnetic properties, but our products can reach 130 degrees without losing magnetism. Can be applied to a variety of consumables such as PLA/ABS printing.



  • These ranges of temperatures are indicative only, you'll have to test and see what works best for your filament.
  • A:High temperature print layer B:Low temperature adhesive layer
  • Please level the build plate well before printing.
  • Please do not let heated nozzle touch the A plate directly!



  • 1x Set Square Magnetic stickers (It consists of one A side and one B side, for a total of two pieces)


Fits Printer:
  • Duplicator i3
  • Duplicator i3 Plus
  • Duplicator 6
3D Printer Consumables:
Build Surface/Bed Adhesion