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Needle Nose Pliers Mini - Workpro

by Workpro
Workpro W031021 mini pointed long pliers are products used to clamp or wrap steel, zinc ... used extensively in technology and crafts. Workpro is a brand...
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Company: Workpro
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Workpro W031021 mini pointed long pliers are products used to clamp or wrap steel, zinc ... used extensively in technology and crafts.

Workpro is a brand developed by GreatStar, specializing in the product line for the civil, professional and industrial equipment industry. Through the process of formation and development, with a lot of research and testing, Workpro has released thousands of the best quality products today.

  • Characteristics
    • Workpro W031021 mini pointed long pliers made of high-grade steel alloy material are stronger than many other conventional products, ensuring uninterrupted work for high performance.
    • The body of the Workpro sharp nippers is designed with plastic hands, the tip of the pliers is sharp and serrated and the blade is cut.
    • The high-frequency quenching blade makes sure that it is not bent or chipped, so that users can confidently use it in many difficult cases.
    • The Workpro W031021 pointed pliers are also coated with advanced anti-rust coating, limiting corrosion and damage when working in damp, oily places.
    • With a small and pointed pliers design with serrated teeth, Workpro pliers grip, hold or pick up small objects. Or bend wires such as steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, ...
    • Mini length helps store, store easily in the toolbox, users can also pocket, portable to move without effort.
    • Pliers are commonly used in industry, mechanics, manufacturing, repair, assembly.
  • Application
    • Most consumers today only care about the price of the pointed pliers but pay little attention to its quality. Poor-quality pointed pliers not only help you get things done, they also slow down the progress; sometimes there are some unnecessary occupational accidents. Customers need to choose a long-lasting brand of pliers to reduce the cost of replacement repairs and ensure labor safety for themselves. Workpro pliers are widely used by customers because of their durability and rigidity.
    • Workpro W031021 mini pointed long pliers are highly applicable for use in industries, versatile electrical works, mechanical engineering, electrical repair, vehicle assembly ... or at home.


  • Use the right purpose of the pliers: not to close objects, or not to screw nuts, ...
  • Do not use pliers to cut hot specimens (heated at high temperatures) that will damage the blades, making the blades wear out and less sharp.
  • Regularly check and clean the device to increase the life of the product.
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.


Type of Tool:
  • Long Plier


  • Type of tool: Pliers
  • Kind of pliers: Flat, half-rounded nose
  • Oblique pliers/knives features: Ergonomic two-component handles
  • Size: Mini
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Color: Red-blue