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Pliers Mini - Workpro

by Workpro
Workpro nose pliers W031019 is a product used to cut materials with high performance with less effort, widely used in technology, engineering ... WORKPRO...
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Company: Workpro
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Workpro nose pliers W031019 is a product used to cut materials with high performance with less effort, widely used in technology, engineering ... WORKPRO is a brand developed by GreatStar, specializing in the product line. products serving in civil, professional and industrial equipment. Over 23 years of establishment and development, with a lot of research and testing, WORKPRO has produced thousands of the best quality products today.

  • Structure
    • The product is made of a strong carbon alloy with high carbon content, tempered many times in equilibrium temperature to bring high durability, anti-warping, and breaking when impacted. Crome-covered outer shell is extremely solid, glossy and rust-free, so it can work in a viscous environment.
    • Workpro Pliers W031019 is a product manufactured using modern technology, dual standards for applicability and output quality.
    • The handle of the Minipro W031019 nippers is soft plastic to create a smooth, comfortable. The handle has high friction, slip resistance, safety. Especially suitable for people who sweat their hands.
    • Handle specially designed to help increase the force for users, higher work efficiency.
    • Describe the structure of pliers by: The handle length is suitable for many user needs, is the bridge between hand force and head. Create a force effect as a lever to help cut the material in a snap with a small force or hold onto the material without much effort.
      The flat blade is where the copper wires and cables are connected. The serrated blades are sharpened, small and large in size, suitable for many current specifications.
  • The design
    • Customers can store, store easily in the toolbox, or pocket, portable to move without effort. The nose pliers with Workpro W031019 have a compact, lightweight design that is convenient to store or carry.
    • Soft plastic handle cover, increased friction with hands, anti-slip when working in lubricating, wet environments. In addition, the shell is accented with luxurious, delicate red and blue colors to create a feeling when used more comfortably.
    • The innovative Workpro combination nipper design with high shear lever mechanism makes it easier for thick materials to use less force thanks to the combination of blade angle and lever arm ratio. Together with the appropriate opening width it is easy to grip large cross section materials.
  • Ηighly applicable
    • Hand pliers are one of the common items for every family. Products help you optimize the work of plastic cutting, metal cutting, multi-function cutting, .. more easily and conveniently. Each series of pliers are designed with different blades depending on the needs and the nature of work such as flat blades, round blades. Special force pliers for cable cutters. Cut small round steel belts, steel bars, steel rods, steel nails.
    • Nose pliers with Workpro W031019 are designed according to modern standards, rigorously tested through many quality assurance stages before reaching the user, without causing environmental pollution, user-friendly.


  • Ensure safety when working by wearing protective gear and labor regulations.
  • Do not change the texture, the original design of the product.
  • Because the cutters are sharp, care must be taken after use.
  • Preserve and store to keep the product fresh and free from damage.


Type of Tool:
  • Plier


  • Type of tool: Pliers
  • Kind of pliers: Universal
  • Oblique pliers/knives features: Ergonomic two-component handles
  • Size: Mini
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Color: Red-blue