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Textured Coated Flexible Steel Plate 235x235mm

by OEM
The new Textured Coated Flexible Steel Plate  consists of two parts. The first and second one is the high quality spring steel sheet that is covered with...
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The new Textured Coated Flexible Steel Plate consists of two parts. The first and second one is the high quality spring steel sheet that is covered with a special powder coating.

The Textured Coated Flexible Steel Plate is the perfect surface to print on, it's very durable and easy to manage. And best of all, thanks to the Flexible plate your prints will be very easy to remove. Just give it a small bend and the print will pop right off.

This Flexible Steel Plate can withstand temperatures up to 130°C without any problems, so you can even use it with ABS.



  • How To Use
    • Unpack your Flexible Steel Plate, if your printer has a magnetic surface, the Flexible Steel Plate will be magnetized immediately, then re-level your print bed. You are now ready to print away. Parts should come free from the surface with almost no issue at all.
    • PLA does not require heat but turning the heated bed up to 45°C helps. You don´t need any adhesives but if you are going to print something large or for a long time, we recommend using the PrimaFix adhesive stick, it will make your parts stick even better and release even easier when the print is done.
    • After the print is done, just let the plate cool down, remove the plate and give it a gentle bend. You can then just “pop” the model off the plate. Before each print, wipe your PEI surface down with 70-91% Isopropyl alcohol, to ensure that you wipe away any grease or other residues that may have accumulated on the surface. This will help increase your surface adhesion greatly.
    • Use acetone, isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, or soap to clean your PEI after use.
  • Magnetic sticker NOT included. You can find it here!


Fits Printer:
  • CR-20 Pro
  • Ender Series
  • Mega Zero
3D Printer Consumables:
Build Surface/Bed Adhesion



  • Flexible
  • Very Easy to use
  • Fits most printers
  • Strong and durable