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Max & Tobo Coding Robot

Kids learn coding with a robot toy Max & Tobo, which is an interactive robot toy for kids. Featuring a real-life programmable robot that will help kids 6-9 years old to discover the amazing world of coding. The team at Tutobo have brought together a fascinating educational toy with an intergalactic story and robotic technology. Engaging kids and inspire them to learn using a coding robot.
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Max & Tobo

Get ready to meet the robot toy Tobo, an adorable alien! He lives on planet Ubu together with his companion robot, Max. What do they do on Ubu, you ask? They’ve got a very important job: keeping watch for strange space phenomena. One day, something extraordinary happens, disturbing the time and space of their galaxy. Now, Max and Tobo are lost in space! With the assistance of friendly Tobo, kids will learn computer programming using this amazing educational toy.

A Storytelling Adventure

The first coding toy and robot toy that features a storyline. In other words, robotics and learning to code are combined with storytelling and game mechanics. This method inspires children to learn and explore their creativity.

The Game

Help Max & Tobo find their way home! Tobo needs your help to program Max using a programming language created especially for children aged 6 to 9 years old: Google’s Blockly.



  • 1x Max & Tobo robot
  • 1x Ιnteractive board for exploring the galaxy through coding
  • 1x Ιnstructions for the use of coding blocks
  • 1x Max & Tobo adventure storybook


Δεν καλύπτεται με εγγύση απο τον Κατασκευαστή
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  • Product Size Length: 126mm
  • Package dimensions: 63.5x21x17cm


Coding Robot

Besides being an adorable robot for kids, Max is a fun and easy coding robot toy. He can understand his world and follow commands with precision. We code and Max follows! We made coding for kids a fun process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Mobile App

It just takes an intuitive mobile application for kids to learn to program using Blockly, a language made specially for learning. Using coding toy Max, children will not only learn to code but also help guide Max & Tobo’s journey back home. Travelling the galaxy in the process! Learning has never been more fun.

The Board

The game board is Max & Tobo’s world and the backdrop to an amazing adventure full of surprises. Interacting with the board, kids will have to complete a story comprising ten levels, with each level showing children how – and why! – coding works, all with the help of Max & Tobo and real robotic technology. 


Step by Step


Download The App Set Up The Board  Place Tobo   Coding
Download the app from Google Play and open it on your smartphone or tablet. Lay down the board on a flat surface, preferably on a table. Switch on Max & Tobo and place them on the board. Push the start button and your storytelling coding adventure will begin!


Max&Tobo: a robot toy teaching kids coding & programming

Max&Tobo is an educational robot made for kids 6+ years old to learn how to code. Combining the best practices of physical toys and digital gaming, offers a unique coding and educational experience while kids are having fun.