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V-Motion Lite Motorizing Kit

by RatRig
Motorize your  V-Slider   or   V-Slider Mini   with this lightweight motor kit to add precision to your shots. NOTES Slider not...
Gross Weight: 0.35kg
Company: RatRig
Made in: EU
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Motorize your V-Slider or V-Slider Mini with this lightweight motor kit to add precision to your shots.


  • Slider not included.
  • Motor not included.
  • Not compatible with X-Slider.


  • V-Motion Lite Controller - choose speed and direction of movement (left or right)
  • Set of mechanical parts - to attach the motor to your slider
  • Battery pack - power up your kit with 8 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • You can also buy an AC Power Adapter to use the mains as an alternative power source.


  • V-Motion


  • Multiple speed ranges - continuous motion with a huge range of speeds available
  • Power options: our controller accepts 12V DC so you can use your favourite power supply. we’ve included a battery pack in case you don’t have any.
  • Easy setup: assemble your kit in minutes. This kit is designed to be as simple as possible. No extra tools needed.
  • Two alternative setups: if the camera head you're using is very large, dont' worry, we've included all the parts for a reversed assembly where the motor is turned upside down (check photo).

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