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Wanhao D7 LCD Display

by Wanhao
The Wanhao D7 LCD Display is a 1440x2560 pixel 5.46” display unit that has a removed backlight for UV DLP printing on the  Wanhao Duplicator 7 . It is...
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Made in: China
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The Wanhao D7 LCD Display is a 1440x2560 pixel 5.46” display unit that has a removed backlight for UV DLP printing on the Wanhao Duplicator 7. It is a very unique display in the way that it is not technically meant for display purposes, but rather to act as an alterable filter to control where the UV light is allowed to go.

This display is utilised in a unique way, and works in the D7 printer by displaying the outline and fill of the print in white or a bright colour while shading the other areas in black. This allows the UV light to travel through the coloured or white areas to solidify the resin, while limiting the light in the dark areas – enabling you to control the precise shape in which the resin hardens. This results in smooth, clean and solid prints as the filter changes layer by layer, slowly “building” the print as the print base is raised from the reservoir.


Fits Printer:
  • Duplicator D7


  • Screen Type: LCD
  • Colour Pixel Orientation: RGB Vertical Stripe
  • Display Modes: Transmissive / Normally Black / In-Plane Switching
  • Surface Treatment: HC Polariser (Hardness:3H)
  • Active Area Size: 68 x 128mm (5.46”)


Before replacing or installing the Wanhao D7 LCD Display, it’s important to understand that the unit is very fragile, so do be careful with how you bend it as well as where you put it. Not only is it susceptible to breaks if bent too far, it can also be scratched or smudged very easily, which can negatively affect how the UV light works within the printing process.

To begin the replacement process, you first want to take the new LCD display and carefully cut the tiny black strip within the orange area on the connecting ribbon cable. This will disconnect the backlight from the circuit, making it easy to remove without harming other components. After cutting this connection, carefully take hold of the silver backlight plate and peel it off from the actual glass screen. This will leave you with an almost clear screen with a green and orange ribbon connector on the side.

For the next step you will need to remove the old display by undoing the necessary screws and unplugging the ribbon strip cable from the main controller board. After the old unit has been removed, take off the bendable cover sticking to the front of the display. This will soon be stuck to your new display to ensure it’s the perfect size to fit back in place.

Next, you need to take off the thin protective film from the front of the new LCD, and stick the LCD to the bendable cover that has been removed from the old display. If there are any bubbles between the screen and cover, simply lift the cover to let the bubbles escape and then stick it back on. Once you are satisfied with how you’ve stuck the cover onto the LCD display, insert the entire unit into the cavity and feed the ribbon cable through the small gap provided. Finally, connect the ribbon cable from the new LCD to the main controller board and tighten the screws of the protective screen.

While this component is trickier to replace than many other parts on a Wanhao D7 DLP printer, it is still a relatively simple process that can be made even easier with instructional videos found on YouTube. So, if you are having any troubles with figuring out how do install or replace this LCD display, don’t hesitate to find and utilise one of the many helpful resources available online.