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3D Printer - Creality 3D K1C - 220x220x250mm

Speed & Skills, Suitable for Carbon Fiber 3D Printing
K1C inherits the lightweight and agile CoreXY system of K1 combined with Carbon printing capabilities. It offers a thrilling speed while retaining the print quality. Max Speed : 600mm/s. Max Acceleration : 20000 mm/s.

The built-in Al camera can watch over printing,​and actively alert you when an error occurs.

Ογκομετρικό βάρος: 14kg
Εγγύηση: 12 Μήνες Εγγύηση Κατασκευαστή
Κατασκευαστής: CREALITY
Part Number: 1001060031
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Clog-free Extruder Kit with Quick-swap Nozzle

The extruder of K1C is enhanced with a bolster spring and a ball plunger.
It grips on filament tightly without slackening off.
Structure of the Extruder: 1000h + Clog-free Extrusion

Tri-metal "Unicorn" Nozzle, Quick to Swap with one hand

The durable steel-tipped copper nozzle is integrated with a titanium alloy heatbreak.
It blocks heatcreep and can be swapped super easily.

Cooling Trio, Refining the Print Quality

1st: Hotend Fan, for Minimal Heat Creep

Hardly any heat creeping up from hotend to extruder. It avoids pre-mature filament melting from messing the feeding flow. The weight of printhead fans is dynamically balanced. So they are less likely to wobble, minimizing ringing or ghosting.

2nd: Part Cooling Fan, for Instant Hardening

A strong wind hardens the fresh extrusion via a special air duct.It catalyzes layer bonding and refines layer texture.

3rd: Auxiliary Fan, for Overall Print Quality

An extra fan is on the chamber’s side to assist the model cooling. It minimizes string and warping for bridges and overhangs.

Carbon Fiber Filled Filaments Brought into Play

K1C can make use of CF filaments, which are widely used in industrial printing for their mechanical strength and resistance to wear, deformation, and aging. 300° Hotend + Hardened Steel Nozzle Tip , Going well with high-temp and wear-resistant filaments.

Carefree & Smart Operations from Start to Finish

Highly automated except for a few taps. K1C is simple to use just like a smartphone. K1C is well assembled and tested before shipment. After unboxing, it is ready for plug and play in 3 Minutes*. The boot-up guide is similar to that of a new smartphone. (*Data from Creality Lab.)

Auto Calibration with One Tap

Give it a tap and walk away. The auto calibration gets everything ready for you. Bid farewell to the frustrating leveling test with paper. Auto Z Offset, Auto Leveling, Auto Input Shaping Test

Acts as Your Eyes

The built-in AI camera can watch over the printing and will actively alert you when an error occurs*. Also great for video monitoring and time-lapse filming. Active alert and video monitoring requires connection to Creality Print or Creality Cloud APP.

Proven to Be Super Fast

K1C inherits the lightweight and agile CoreXY system of K1. It offers a thrilling speed while retaining the print quality. (Max Speed : 600mm/s. Max Acceleration : 20000 mm/s)

Open-source Creality OS Based on Klipper

Creality OS enables many advanced functions such as linear advance and input shaping. You can customize it or join the open-source community to explore more.

Creality Print, More Than Just a Slicer

It features smart cooling, optimal retraction, slim supports, and allows users to manage a 3D print farm efficiently. Also, for the first time, it integrates a readily accessible 3D model library


12 Μήνες Εγγύηση Κατασκευαστή
Part Number:
Μικτό Βάρος:
Τεχνολογία Εκτύπωσης :
FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Διάμετρο Αναλώσιμου :
Μέγιστη Ταχύτητα Εκτύπωσης :
Αριθμός Extruder:
Τύπος Extruder:
  • Direct Extruder
Μέγιστη Θερμ. Nozzle:
Θερμαινόμενη Επιφάνεια (Heated Bed):
Μέγιστη Θερμ. Bed:
Βαθμονόμηση Bed (Leveling):
Μέγεθος Εκτύπωσης:
Σύνδεση σε WiFi:


Printing TechnologyFDM

Leveling ModeHands-free auto leveling

Build Volume220*220*250mm

File TransferUSB drive, WiFi

Product Dimensions355*355*482mm

Display Screen4.3" color touch screen

Package Dimensions441*441*578mm

AI CameraYes

Net Weight12.4kg

Power Loss RecoveryYes

Gross Weight16kg

Filament Runout SensorYes

Printing Speed≤600mm/s

Air PurifierYes


Input ShapingYes

Printing Accuracy100±0.1mm

Lighting kitYes

Layer Height0.1-0.35mm

Sleep ModeYes

ExtruderClog-free direct drive extruder

Rated Voltage100-120V~, 200-240V~, 50/60Hz

Filament Diameter1.75mm

Rated Power350V

Nozzle Diameter0.4mm

Supported FilamentsABS, PLA, PETG, PET, TPU, PA, ABS, ASA, PC, PLA-CF, PA-CF, PET-CF

Nozzle Temperature≤300℃

Printable File FormatG-Code

Heatbed Temperature≤100℃

Slicing SoftwareCreality Print, Cura 5.0 and later version

Build SurfacePEI flexible build plate

File Formats for SlicingSTL, OBJ, 3MF


Introducing K1C - A Super Strong & Fast 3D Printer for Carbon Fiber Prints

Expanding upon the capabilities of the K1 model, the K1C boasts an array of advanced features, promising an elevated printing experience. Watch the video to explore the details!