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Mini Brushless Water Pump 12V DC 240L/h

by OEM
This product is a brushless DC pump, with high life, low noise, no commutation sparks and other characteristics, will not produce electromagnetic...
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Company: OEM
Part Number: AD20P-1230A
Made in: China
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This product is a brushless DC pump, with high life, low noise, no commutation sparks and other characteristics, will not produce electromagnetic interference. It is widely used in medical and industrial circulating refrigeration, water circulation cooling and water recharging of small household appliances, as well as family landscapes, musical fountains, pet water supply, modern soilless cultivation water supply, water cooling fans, and aquarium equipment.
This product is unique in design, uses high-sensitivity, low-cost and high-efficiency intelligent electronic circuit driver, combined with the structure design of the moving fluid, making its overall performance higher than the traditional pump energy efficiency, and more silent, is a model of a new generation of micro-pumps. 

Instructions For Use:

  • The water pump and water pipe are placed in the water. The water pipe must be filled with water and no air can be left.
  • Run the water pump to see if the water outlet is out of water. If there is no water, go back one step.
  • Lift the pump and use it on the water.



  • The inlet and outlet pipes must be immersed in the water; if the pump does not emit water, it is necessary to turn off the power in time, and the first step.



  • Soilless culture
  • Green wall decoration
  • Garden herbs
  • Pet drinking water
  • Fountain
  • Aquarium
  • Humidifier
  • Solar water circulation & water coolant of home appliance, etc.


  • Input Voltage: DC12V
  • Start voltage: 10VDC
  • Working voltage range: 10-14VDC
  • Power: 4.8W
  • Rated current: 400±20(mA)
  • Max static water head: 300±20 cm
  • Max static flow rate: 240±20 L/H
  • Hmax. (head): 2 meters (Maximum Water Pumping Height)
  • Lifespan: Continuous operation under normal working surrounding >20000H
  • Working Environment:
    • PH value: PH5-10(weak acid and weak base)
    • Workable both on land and in water.
  • Max noise: Under normal working condition, (1meter over the test instrument) <35dB
  • Max working temperature:
    • Under room temperature surroundings
    • Fluid medium temperature ≤70℃
  • Material: Plastic

All measurements are in mm


  • IP grade: IP68
  • Others: It passed the Salt Spray Test
  • Color: Black
  • Outlet Diameter: 8mm
  • Dimension: 55x41x36mm
  • Cord Length: 40cm