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Led Matrix 8x8 Red with MAX7219

by OEM

This product is a serially driven 8x8 LED Matrix which powered by MAX7219.

Volumetric weight: 0.03kgs
Company: OEM
Made in: China
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This product is a serially driven 8x8 LED Matrix which powered by MAX7219.The 8x8 LED Matrix is easy to use and compatible with Arduino, only needs three data lines and two power lines. It can be used in lots of place like various types of electronic display panels. You can make your applications more vivid because of the LED brightness adjustment can be implemented in software. 

The MAX7219 is an integrated serial input / output common-cathode display driver, it isconnected to a microprocessor with 8-digit 7-segment digital LED display can also be connectedto the bar graph display or 64 separate LED. On B BCD encoder including an on-chip, multi-channel scanning loop word drive, but also an 8 x 8 static RAM is used to store each data. Only one external register is used to set the current of each LED segment.


  • Red
Digit Height:
Common Electrode:


  • Operating Voltage: 4.7V - 5.3V
  • Operating Current: 320mA
  • Max Operating Current: 2A
  • Display type: LED
  • Mounting: THT
  • Display type: Matrix
  • Display resolution: 8x8
  • Colour: Red
  • Common electrode: Cathode


  • Overall: 50 x 32 x 12mm
  • LED Matrix: 32 x 32mm
  • Weight: 0.021kg